Friday, February 11, 2005

Keith Cowing Still Living in Dreamland

Keith Cowing just can't believe - can't believe! - that anyone would dare accuse Beloved Leader of pandering:

Bruce Moomaw, a regular contributor to and occassional writer for Astronomy Magazine has speculated on why the White House has yet to name a NASA Administrator - and why Fred Gregory has been appointed Acting Administrator. Moomaw posted the following on two widely-read Yahoo Groups with hundreds of members including many prominent space scientists:

"Of course, there may be another reason for this move -- Fred Gregory is black, and this administration (as we know by now) is very fond of utilizing a thin facade composed of the very small coterie of nonwhites who support it, in order to cover up its Simon Legree-ish actual policies."

To publicly assert such motives on the part of the White House or to imply that Fred Gregory would be a willing participant is utterly reprehensible. If Mr. Moomaw has a shred of decency he will apologize - immediately.

Gosh, Keith, hate to disabuse you, but your Emperor is naked and when he's done, there will not be a space program of any kind. WHAT AN ASS! Do us a favor, Keith, and stop claiming to be a Democrat, because you're not.

And, visiting the original message board (one of two, actually - the other is members-only), we find that Keith proceeded to jump all over Bruce, a much smarter man, and Bruce has a good time whacking back:

Keith Cowing: "Only a complete asshole would post something like this. Then
again, Bruce, you are a shut-in, so your socialization skills are lacking."

Well, Keith, you can take that up with the very large number of political
reporters who have also noted that (as the polls routinely show) most of
America's nonwhites detest most of this administration's policies, and that the
GOP in general and this administration in particular have from the start been
frantically rooting around (particularly among blacks) to find a small
sprinkling of conservative minoirity members to appoint to high-ranking
government positions in order to help cover up that unpopularity for PR
purposes. It's a classic political game, after all -- the Democrats do it with
white Southerners. It may or may not be a contributing factor in the
Administration's decision to keep Gregory in control of NASA for the time being
-- alternatively, it may be that they really can't find anyone else naive enough
to parachute onto the bridge of the Titanic at this point. (As I say, they
certainly had to do a lot of frantic digging just to unearth O'Keefe last time
-- including hiring an unsuccessful headhunter.)

As for my "lack of socialization skills": well, Keith, I wasn't the one who got
kicked out of the Planetary Sciences webgroup for consistently obnoxious and/or
obscene behavior.

LOL. You GO, Bruce!

Poor little Keith. Living in a dreamworld with Chimpy, writing stupid books about a political ploy. Life is hard at NASA Watch.


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