Thursday, February 10, 2005

No One Wants This

Someone over at Political Animal, Kevin Drum's blog, after reading the comments about Condi Rice's asinine "next steps" comment, asked, in effect, do you want Iran to have nuclear weapons?

My answer to that, and I suspect the answer of most of the other commenters, would be, hell no. But the Chimp, by his behavior, has done more than any other President to encourage unfriendly countries to arm themselves with nuclear weapons, because it's obvious that once you actually have them, Chimpy will give you a pass. (update: Kos put it like this today: Seriously, with Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rumsfeld running around threatening war on any country that raises their ire, we're going to see more countries going nuclear in the next decade.)

While Caligula was getting off on the Mess in Mesopotamia, North Korea, ignored, proceeded to build nuclear weapons. Probably only one or two, but enough. Have you seen Condi Oil Tanker or the necrocons threaten North Korea lately? No, and you won't. Meanwhile, Osama bin Laden is one Pakistani coup away from putting his hands on that country's nuclear arsenal, and the world's first third world nation with nukes, India, continues lurching around from semi-democracy to Hindu nationalist lunacy while doing its level best to export its poverty to the United States, with the full cooperation of Bushco.

I don't want any of these idiots to have nuclear weapons. It's like giving a one day old a loaded gun. But Bush has done nothing useful to control any of it.


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