Friday, February 11, 2005


Waiting to get my hair cut yesterday afternoon, I was watching Oprah. Not by choice, it just happened to be on at Ray and Jon's. First thing I noticed was that Oprah scarily looks younger than ever, and her remarkably immobile face shows little emotion. Too much surgery, or too much Botox? Who knows. The important thing was that her entire show is an inducement to unhealthy wealth fantasy. Oprah's good at giving away other people's money (never her own, although she gets lots of credit for "giving away Pontiacs" that in fact Pontiac provided - on the show yesterday she "gave away" a wedding shower, "gave away" some maternity clothes, and "gave away" a set of J.C. Penney dishes to everyone in the audience, all of whom disgustingly swooned at the news), and showing a lifestyle people should yearn for - a lifestyle that requires Oprah-size wealth. Part of the problem with this country is that too many people believe that someday they too will be wealthy and therefore they are all too willing to support things like Bush's push to eliminate the federal estate tax and Bush's tax cuts for the rich. Oprah does nothing but encourage this.

People need to get real. They need to turn this kind of crap off.


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