Monday, February 21, 2005

Swift Boat Asswipes New Target: AARP

Some of the retards behind the Swift Boat Traitors are up to new dirty tricks: going after that noted socialistic communistic liberal Bush-hating organization the AARP. What a surprise.

The lobbying group, USA Next, which has poured millions of dollars into Republican policy battles, now says it plans to spend as much as $10 million on commercials and other tactics assailing AARP, the powerhouse lobby opposing the private investment accounts at the center of Mr. Bush's plan.

"They are the boulder in the middle of the highway to personal savings accounts," said Charlie Jarvis, president of USA Next and former deputy under secretary of the interior in the Reagan and first Bush administrations. "We will be the dynamite that removes them."
To help set USA Next's strategy, the group has hired Chris LaCivita, an enthusiastic former marine who advised Swift Vets and P.O.W.'s for Truth, formerly known as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, on its media campaign and helped write its potent commercials. He earned more than $30,000 for his work, campaign finance filings show.

Officials said the group is also seeking to hire Rick Reed, a partner at Stevens Reed Curcio & Potholm, a firm that was hired by Swift Vets and was paid more than $276,000 to do media production, records show.

For public relations, USA Next has turned to Creative Response Concepts, a Virginia firm that represented both Swift Vets - the company was paid more than $165,000 - and Regnery Publishing, the publisher of "Unfit for Command," a book about Senator John Kerry's military service whose co-author was John E. O'Neill, one of the primary leaders of Swift Vets.

Let's take a minute and talk about what Social Security "reform" is really a cover for. I'm surprised to have seen no other bloggers take note of this (possibly some have but I haven't read them), but all this is is a cover for looting the Treasury. Look at what notable right wing hack Charles Krauthammer said in the Washington Post recently:

Let's start with basics. The Social Security system has no trust fund. No lockbox. When you pay your payroll tax every year, the money is not converted into gold bars and shipped to some desert island, ready for retrieval when you turn 65. The system is pay as you go. The money goes to support that year's Social Security recipients. What's left over is "lent" to the federal Treasury. And gets entirely spent. It vanishes. In return, a piece of paper gets deposited in a vault in West Virginia saying that the left hand of the government owes money to the right hand of the government.

These pieces of paper might be useful for rolling cigars. They will not fund your retirement.

Reeeaaallllly? The Social Security Trust Fund is in fact composed of United States Treasury bonds and securities, backed by the full faith and credit - that's the technical term - of the United States of America. These are the same kinds of bonds purchased by citizens who want a safe investment - and the same kind of bonds bought by Japan and China in the hundreds of billions of dollars to fund our gigantic deficits. What the right wing is trying to do is to declare those bonds worthless - in other words, to loot the treasury. Your FICA tax funds have gone partly to pay for current retirees and the rest has been used to pay for crap like tax cuts for parasites, weapons we don't need, missile defense that doesn't work, dumbass wars, etc. What the righties now want to do is never pay you back for the money they've borrowed and squandered. More people need to wake up to what's going on here - the biggest robbery in history. The right wing, bloody minded traitors that they are, is willing to do whatever is necessary. They're going to roll the Swift Boat assholes out again, they'll lie and cheat and maybe even murder because trillions of dollars is at stake. We can't let them win.


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