Monday, February 07, 2005

To Hell with the Poor

In his manic desire to make sure the rich no longer pay their fair share towards the running of America, Bush will continue the ruining of America today with a butchered budget slashing important programs but leaving Holy Tax Cuts sacrosanct. It's all part of Starving the Beast:

Mr Bush inherited a budget surplus from Bill Clinton but is now running deficits of over $400bn (£215bn) a year, partly as a result of an economic slump and the September 11 attacks. But the turnaround is also due to huge tax cuts which disproportionately benefit the wealthiest 1% of Americans, and the war in Iraq, for which the administration has asked for another $80bn this year.

Some state governments provide food stamps not only to families on welfare but also to those receiving job-related aid such as for childcare. The new budget would restrict that practice, the Los Angeles Times reported yesterday.

A programme that helps the poor pay heating bills is to be cut by more than 8%, while 18 housing and community programmes will be consolidated with total savings of about 40% - almost $3bn.

The administration has also said it will save $60bn over 10 years on the Medicaid programme, which provides health services to the poor. It argues that the savings will largely come from administrative costs, but there will be severe cuts in several health programmes.

A health department preventative programme aimed at obesity and other chronic diseases is to be cut by 6.5% to $841m, according to the New York Times. Health training schemes will be slashed. One such scheme for nurses, dentists and other health professionals will be reduced by 64% and another to train doctors for children's hospitals will be cut by a third

Perish the thought that the slovenly, useless rich would pony up their fair share. They ship your job overseas, then, when you can no longer make a living, they slash any government benefits you might receive and claim you're "lazy." Charming. And so very, very Christian.


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