Monday, February 07, 2005

Zen TV

Animal Planet, knowing that a large percentage of their regular audience would be joining most Americans watching the Super Bowl, indulged in some truly Zen TV yesterday with their "Puppy Bowl."

The concept was simplicity itself; a play area shaped and painted like a gridiron, littered with football-shaped toys, and a bunch of puppies. No voiceover, just a little music, and hours of puppies playing, loafing, goofing off, gamboling clumsily around, and just being puppies (when a "puppy foul" was committed a guy dressed in a ref uniform would come onto the field, throw a yellow flag, then clean up the mess - it was a hoot). One wacky feature was "bowl cam" - a camera in the bottom of the puppies' water bowl. All in all it was surprisingly pleasurable and while I doubt many watched it all the way through, I'm sure more than a few viewers flipped back and forth like I did.


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