Monday, March 14, 2005

Acting Like Himself

The Washington Post notices that Caligula is acting kind of funny lately. Really, he's just acting like his not over-bright self:

President Bush is telling another audience that the Social Security system is in great distress, and there will be ghastly consequences if our leaders don't act, and act now.

But first, a little joke:

About a guy trying to get to Livingston, Mont. "To get to Livingston, you've got to go down the highway," Bush says during a recent "town meeting" in Great Falls, Mont. "And you go through the cattle guard. And you turn left. And go through another cattle guard."

Bush chuckles, races through his setup, then hurtles into his punch line.

"And a fellow comes back and says, 'Hey, what color uniforms do those cattle guards have on?' "

Get it? Like, the doofus in the joke thought "cattle guards" were people (protecting the cows), as opposed to steel rails (placed at fence openings to stop cows from walking onto roads).

The crowd is silent. Bush's face freezes in a guess-you-had-to-be-there smile.

Laughter comes eventually, in deference to the president's game effort, if not his joke (showing that it's possible to hate the joke but love the jokester). There are smiling grimaces and shaking heads, looks of amused disbelief that ask:

Did the Leader of the Free World really just go off on such a goofball digression?
When a panelist in Tampa used the word "multitasking," Bush, with a hint of sarcasm, commended her for using a "nice long word, 'multitasking.' Very good. Inject a little intellectual strength in the conversation."

Yeah. Very funny.


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