Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Shooting Down Those Asinine Magnetic Ribbons

Driving back from Florida with my Mom in September, I noticed that a large percentage of the cars on the highway with us had those now-ubiqitous magnetic "Support Our Troops!" ribbons on them. Matt over at GWBlows has the best response to the damned things I've seen yet. After quoting a newspaper story that has some brainless Repugofemme breathily saying that her ribbons - she has about a hundred - are "positive" and a sociologist claiming that ribbons make people feel like they're doing something, Matt opines:

No your not, your not doing anything. If you were raising money to buy our troops armor, you'd be doing something. If you were volunteering at a veterans hospital, you'd be doing something. If you were donating to the international red cross, you'd be doing something. If you bought a car that gets 60 miles to the gallon, you'd be doing something. If you were staying well-informed of the situation in Iraq and writing newspapers and elected officials about it, you'd be doing something. What your doing is giving a couple dollars to some company who makes cheap magnets in china and sells them in gas stations looking to make a quick buck off of people looking for the easiest, cheapest way possible to "support our troops".

AMEN, brother. BTW, you have to scroll down a bit. Matt's permalinks aren't working.


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