Monday, March 14, 2005

They Love Peons

Avedon Carol asks this pertinent question:

Where are Bush and his corporate cronies planning to live once they finish asset-stripping the United States?

That's an easy one. They're planning to live right here, as princes among peasants. It happens elsewhere, after all. Like Brazil, for instance:

"The currency of the rich in Brazil is indifference and humiliation. They wish you a good morning, but they pay to keep you and your service at a convenient distance," he says, complaining that he has never been offered so much as a glass of water by a resident.

And while Sergio's monthly income of 600 reais (about £120) is more than twice the value of the minimum wage endured by millions of Brazilians, it does not impress a man who has a bird's-eye view of the fabulous riches enjoyed by some of his compatriots.

Brazil's vertiginous income gap has long been identified as one of the less attractive features of this diverse and resource-rich nation. The growing number of Brazilian billionaires on the Forbes list, published last week, underlined the fact that rich in this country can mean very rich.

The rich here are exactly the same. They live in their little worlds and sneer at the rest of us, struggling to keep afloat as they flood our streets with Chinese products and Mexican workers. Think back to Fox's repulsive TV show with Paris Hilton and her little friend making sneering fun of the ordinary people they encounter. They think this is funny. And as long as fools keep voting for their party it will remain funny. They can party on while the peons vote as they're told and keep cleaning their toilets and diapering their privileged babies.

But whether the party can go on forever in a country as abundantly packed with guns as this one is another question. People will wake up. It will not be pretty. Nor funny.


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