Monday, March 07, 2005

Was Eason Jordan Right?

Eason Jordan was forced by the screeching right wing to resign from CNN after he made mild comments indicating that the American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan appeared to be targeting journalists. How, then, are we to judge what happened here?

In an article Sunday, Sgrena said her captors warned her shortly before her release to beware of the Americans. She later told Italian state TV RAI that “when they let me go, it was a difficult moment for me because they told me, ‘The Americans don’t want you to return alive to Italy.”’ Sgrena didn’t elaborate, and it wasn’t clear if “they” referred to her captors.

Her editor, Gabriele Polo, said Italian officials told him 300 to 400 rounds were fired at the car. Italian military officials said two other intelligence agents were wounded in the shooting; U.S. officials said it was only one.

White House counselor Dan Bartlett said it was crucial that the facts be determined before judgments were made about the shooting. Speaking Sunday on CNN’s “Late Edition,” he called the shooting “a horrific accident” and pledged a full investigation.

The fact that she writes for a Communist newspaper couldn't have helped. Needless to say the Italians aren't real happy with the Chimp right now. Maybe this will help them grow a backbone.


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