Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Every now and then you see a post you wish you'd written. David Podvin takes on the repulsive Ann Coulter and her vile ilk:

Ann Coulter is not merely eighty pounds of toxic sewage wrapped in six feet of reptile skin - she is the vicious ghoul that remains after conservatism has been scrubbed of its camouflage. Satan’s concubine has been vocal in her belief that torturing anyone identified as the enemy is good, and that torturing them using the most excruciating techniques is better. Coulter is not alone in the desire to feast on human suffering. Although she is considerably less circumspect than other right wingers, it is instructive that not one prominent conservative has repudiated her.

Invoking God and country, the Confederates who currently run the United States are striving to make Andersonville a global phenomenon. Since 9/11, Republicans have dispatched domestic agents and foreign surrogates to torture countless people on various continents. Unsurprisingly, the reprobates have not been content to torment their prey physically. Conservatives are implementing a policy to humiliate other human beings, shaming their victims in the vilest ways imaginable, apparently oblivious that the true shame of this outrage is being inflicted upon the United States. Our own pious moralists have disgraced America in the eyes of everyone who does not view savagery as a virtue.
America’s current policymaker was a prodigy at pain implementation. George W. Bush began his highly successful career in sadism by exploding frogs with firecrackers.[1] He soon advanced to shooting his siblings with bb guns,[2] evolved to tormenting fraternity pledges at Yale,[3] and then progressed to taunting prisoners[4] as they were being lethally injected. The former Texas governor has now graduated to terrorizing civilians from Port au Prince to Baghdad and beyond. Mr. Bush has always delighted in imposing despair, and as the Leader Of The Free World he possesses carte blanche to satisfy his voracious hunger for harming others.

Bush’s appetite for destruction has earned him the abiding respect of motorcycle gangs and religious conservatives alike. There is no discernible outrage from William Bennett when civilians are kidnapped and subjected to grotesque forms of persecution. There is no indignation from Jerry Falwell when children are raped as an incentive for their parents to become more cooperative. There is no call for impeachment from Henry Hyde when the commander-in-chief violates the Constitution by sanctioning behavior that replicates the worst of Joseph Mengele. And when innocent people who have been abused are finally freed from their nightmare, there is no demand for a special prosecutor from Tom DeLay.
Terrorist degenerates represent a real threat to the United States, but the more imminent danger is posed by conservative degenerates who believe that vanquishing bin Laden requires emulating him. When Joe Lieberman insisted that the abominations perpetrated by Americans at Abu Ghraib did not require an apology because the other side never apologized for 9/11, he was expressing the right wing fondness for embracing the lowest ethical denominator. Left to their own designs, Republicans and their fellow travelers would have America oppose al Qaida by becoming just like al Qaida.

Whew! Check it out; it's today's must-read. (via the ever-vigilent Avedon Carol)


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