Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Brad DeLong argues that Hitler was not a threat to the United States. Cripes.

The same goes for Hitler's Germany. D-Day was only possible because (1) 75% of the Wehrmacht was tied down by the Red Army on the Eastern Front and (2) England served as a huge aircraft carrier and logistics base. A D-Day in reverse with 1940s technology is inconceivable. The Atlantic Ocean is big. Only with the coming of the H-bomb and the ICBM does U.S. national security become dependent on what happens on other continents.

I've added emphasis to the last line. Hitler had a ballistic missile program headed by Werner von Braun. We know his quality - he put Americans on the moon 25 years later. Hitler had at least a primitive atomic bomb program (although Albert Speer in his memoirs seems to have been more sanguine about atomic propulsion for U-boats). Put the two together, Brad.

In any case, a Europe dominated by the Nazis was a deadly threat to the world, and the US took it as such (so much so that the B-36 bomber program was initiated as a way of continuing the war from the US if Britain fell). D-Day in reverse might seem ridiculous until you consider what might have happened if Germany had added the British fleet and the industrial might of Russia to its arsenal. It's far fetched, but it's not sci fi.

The entire post is a little weird. Check it, and the comments, out.


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