Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dubya LOVES the Troops

Here's a letter to David Hackworth printed by Soldiers for the Truth that tells one soldier's experience at Dubya's "Emperor Commodus Photo Op" (Jo Fish compared Dubya to Commodus first, btw) the other day:

“Tomorrow (Apr. 12), the POTUS is coming to Fort Hood to welcome the 1st Cav[alry Division] home. Nearly my entire brigade is out doing FTXs, gunneries, etc. So we get pulled back in to go to this ceremony. You’d think it would be a welcome break from the field - get a shower, hot meal, warm bed ... but it’s not.”

“We have to form-up at 0315 on the 4th ID side [of Fort Hood], and march the five miles to where the ceremony is, which just happens to start at 1000. When the ceremony is over (scheduled for 1200), we get to march back to our respective areas, get about four safety briefs, then be dismissed until O-dark-thirty the following day so we can finish our respective missions.”

“Normally, this wouldn’t bother me ... if I wasn't a bit beat up from my gunnery, or if it wasn’t supposed to be in the 90s tomorrow. Just like in your book (Steel My Soldiers’ Hearts), this is all for a photo op - two whole divisions standing tall and looking good in front of the president sure makes a nice picture. Anyway, just thought I’d share that with you, and my appreciation for your writing and reporting.”

0315 is, for those not familiar with military time, 3:15 am. Hail Caesar! What crap.


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