Monday, April 11, 2005

I Agree

I agree with Billmon. Commenting on the recent conviction of a spammer and his sentencing to nine years in prison, Billmon comments:

My only regret is that the jury didn't see fit to sentence young Jeremy to the full medieval rehabilitation routine (including a nice, long counseling session on the rack), followed by drawing and quartering.

The only reason I'm so inclined towards leniency is that the story didn't say anything about Jaynes being implicated in the vast comment spam and track-back spam conspiracies. If he was . . . well, if our Saudi allies wanted to practice their torturing skills on an infidel Westerner, I'd give them Jeremy and tell them not to bother shipping back the pieces.

No kidding. I can't remember who said this, but someone on Slate several months ago pointed out that it would actually make more economic sense to execute the little bastards who write viruses than it does to execute murderers.


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