Monday, May 02, 2005

Black Bigot

Reverend Ken Hutcherson, who claims to be the man who convinced Microsoft to back off its support for a Washington gay rights bill, is just another boring bigot who believes that civil rights are for blacks, no one else:

"You tell me what I went through as an African-American, when they talk about discrimination, compared to what gays go through with discrimination - it's the difference between night and day, not even close," Dr. Hutcherson said. "I even get upset when people say, 'Well, you got to understand what they go through.' Not when they've chosen to do what they do. They can stop choosing what to do what they do, and they can hide it anytime they want. They can hide their homosexuality. Could I take a 'don't ask don't tell' policy as an African-American? I could try even to pretend I was Puerto Rican, but I'm still going to get blasted for my skin color."
Ron Sims, the King County executive, has been a target of Dr. Hutcherson's protests because of his support for gay marriage. Mr. Sims, who is black, said he strongly disagreed with the minister on the civil rights question.

"I don't think that civil rights is the province of any particular group," said Mr. Sims, who earlier this year publicly invited six same-sex couples to sue him for the right to marry in King County, a case that is now being decided by the State Supreme Court and could determine whether gay men and lesbians can marry in Washington state.

"African-American homophobia is just another form of discrimination," he said.

Indeed it is, and thank God for people like Ron Sims who recognize that. By the way, I don't remember when I "chose" to be a lesbian. Do any of you remember the moment you "chose" to be straight or gay? What crap.


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