Thursday, May 19, 2005

No Nukes Yet

Perhaps the Repugs will today whack in that last nail. Meanwhile, Josh Marshall comments:

For all the chaos and storm caused by this debate, and all that is likely to follow it, don't forget that the all of this will be done by fifty Republican senators quite knowingly invoking a demonstrably false claim of constitutionality to achieve something they couldn't manage by following the rules.

This is about power; and, to them, the rules quite simply mean nothing.

Indeed. The Republicans have proven for some time now that they fully believe that the rules simply do not apply to them. They could persecute President Clinton for a consensual affair while a large number of them were doing and/or had done the same thing. They could baldly steal a presidential election. They could lie their way into a stupid and unnecessary war. And now they want to pack the courts with right wing lunatics. But then the party is full of people to whom the rules have never applied. People, for instance, like George Bush, who dodged the draft and shirked his National Guard obligation and before he entered politics was a completely unsuccessful businessman propped up by his father's friends. In a meritorian society, George Bush would be, maybe, running the night shift at McDonald's. In this world, he's running the US into the ground.


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