Monday, May 09, 2005

Prince Harry Joins the Army

Britain's Prince Harry has joined the British Army and reported for duty at Sandhurst, the British equivalent of West Point. Presumably the Army will get right to work shaping him up:

His arrival at Sandhurst came just 24 hours after yet another appearance in the tabloids after his limousine allegedly failed to stay at the scene of an accident when it scraped a parked car in London after the Prince had emerged from a London nightclub with a friend in the early hours of Friday.

Since finishing at Eton in June 2003, where he achieved the worst A-level results in his year (B in art and D in geography), the Prince has been involved in a series of embarrassing incidents, including punching a photographer and his appearance at a party dressed in a Nazi uniform. He has also been endlessly photographed holidaying with his bikini-clad South African girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

He will now undergo pre-dawn starts, night exercises and sleep deprivation in what is known as the five week "breaking-in" period.

Meanwhile, the drunken Bush twins continue to be useless, and the children of the ruling party continue to avoid military service. It's such a drag, y'know.


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