Friday, May 27, 2005


What do you do with a dead passenger on an airplane? Much discussion at this morning....

Several Chinese media reports came through yesterday and today, which publicly revealed a passenger [believed to be a Chinese national] was dead during the flight after 'unsuccessful attempts' to save him on United Airlines' flight UA889 from San Francisco to Beijing on 25th May 2005. According to media reports, the incident happened roughly 2 hours after take-off.

Right after the passenger was dead, crew members decided to storage his body in one of rear toilets inflight and blocked that particular toilet by metres long of adhesive tape. During this process, several passengers questioned the crew members on their decision and thought it was unjustifiable for the crew members to treat the dead body in such a manner shows very little respect. However, crew members defended their decision and warned passengers who've questioned them if they continue to do so, they would be considered as 'obstructing inflight order'.

Additionally, the flight was continued its journey onto Beijing and the dead body was only being removed from the rear cabin toilet by the relevant local authority after flight UA889 arrived in Beijing at around 4pm on 26th May 2005 (local time).

Right now, this incident has generated heating public debates in China and it caused some outrages amongst the general public as well. So, just wonder what do you guys think? Should the crew members handled the situation differently?

Gee, what would YOU do?! Read the ensuing chatter; it's pretty wacky.


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