Sunday, May 22, 2005


Ah, Sunday, the day the grape-juice Christians - my new name for the brainless fundies - wander off to the mega church to sing along to PowerPoint and hear very carefully chosen selections from the Bible along with a politically spun sermon delivered by one of those guys with close-set eyes wearing a $3000 suit. If it's the rare day they celebrate the Lord's Supper - the way Jesus asked his disciples to remember him and the central feature of services of the apostolic churches - they'll celebrate with grape juice (?!) and a cracker. Uh huh! Then they'll hop into their SUVs littered with American flags and "Support our Troops!" magnets and drive home to watch Fox and feel satisfied with themselves.

Truly an inspirational thought. Hm.

Yeah, I don't like 'em.

Update: Great discussion of grape-juice "communion" at Slacktivist as a by-product of his latest Left Behind post. Check it out!


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