Thursday, May 05, 2005

They Lie, They Lie, They Lie

Author and journalist Max Hastings once mentioned that one of the most important lessons he learned as a young journalist was from an older editor reminding him that "they lie, they lie, they lie." That they do, and the US Army has become absolutely expert at it. They just can't handle the truth and when the truth comes out, they create new lies. Pat Tillman was a brave man no matter how he died, but the Army chose to lie and cover up:

A new Army report on the death of former NFL player Pat Tillman in Afghanistan last year concluded that his uniform and body armor were burned a day after he was killed -- and before investigators had determined he was shot by his fellow soldiers.

The yet-to-be-released investigation results, first reported by the Washington Post, concludes that the burning of the clothes and armor amounted to destruction of evidence.

Evidently there would have been no investigation if Tillman's family had not asked questions:

The new report, by Brig. Gen. Gary Jones, was done at the behest of Tillman's family members, who wanted to know why his uniform was burned, and why they were not immediately told he might have been killed by fellow soldiers.

At the time, Tillman's blood-covered uniform and armor were said to have been destroyed because they were considered a biohazard.

Yet the Jones report contains sworn statements from soldiers involved in the incident who said they burned the items because they had taken pictures of the scene, walked around, and knew how Tillman had been killed.

Yet the new report continues the coverup. It concludes:

Army officials said the Jones report concludes that the Tillman family should have been told at once that "friendly fire" was suspected. The report, however, found no official intent by military commanders to hide the truth.

Really? How interesting. If you're a commissioned officer in the US Army, you're apparently not responsible for anything. Not responsible for covering up the uncomfortable truth about Pat Tillman's death, not responsible for your prisoner-torturing troops, only responsible for receiving medals for your "courageous" acts and waiting for your pension to kick in after you put in your twenty. Very interesting. Very much like the Wehrmacht.


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