Friday, May 13, 2005

Those Who Forget History Are Just Stupid

...for example, holocaust-denying dingbat Pat Buchanan, who now is blaming the allies for World War II. Of course! We should have known all along that the bad British, the bad French, and us evil Americans were behind the fifty million dead, the death camps, the innocent countries invaded, etc. All our fault, 'cause Pat says so! And if we hadn't jumped in, why Stalin would have left Eastern Europe alone! And I have some lovely swampfront property you may be interested in, too.

True, U.S. and British troops liberated France, Holland and Belgium from Nazi occupation. But before Britain declared war on Germany, France, Holland and Belgium did not need to be liberated. They were free. They were only invaded and occupied after Britain and France declared war on Germany - on behalf of Poland.

When one considers the losses suffered by Britain and France - hundreds of thousands dead, destitution, bankruptcy, the end of the empires - was World War II worth it, considering that Poland and all the other nations east of the Elbe were lost anyway?
If it was to keep Hitler out of Western Europe, why declare war on him and draw him into Western Europe? If it was to keep Hitler out of Central and Eastern Europe, then, inevitably, Stalin would inherit Central and Eastern Europe.

Was that worth fighting a world war - with 50 million dead?

The war Britain and France declared to defend Polish freedom ended up making Poland and all of Eastern and Central Europe safe for Stalinism.

One of the really remarkable features of this mindless rant, and one I haven't seen anyone else comment on yet, is that Buchanan is evidently either forgetting about or strategically neglecting to mention the Hitler/Stalin pact by which those two bastards agreed to invade and divide Poland in 1939. It's not talked up loudly in the history books most American students read, but Stalin invaded Poland from the east as Hitler invaded from the west. Look up something called the "Katyn Massacre" for more details on Stalin's love for Poland. The loss of Poland was de facto before the British and French entered the war, and the rest of Eastern Europe was under either German or Soviet hegemony anyway.

Of course this could have been fixed, at the cost of rearming the Wehrmacht, ignoring the death camps, and doing what Patton wanted to do - turn on the Soviets after VE day. I suppose it could have happened, but at what cost? Looking back, fifty years of tense, armed vigilance looks to have been a better solution than another fifty million corpses. Not that Pat knows, of course. For someone who is supposed to be a smart man, he's really a dumbass.


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