Friday, June 24, 2005

Good Lord

Just when you think the Repugs can't get any crazier, Dick Cheney comes up with this:

"We will succeed in Iraq, just like we did in Afghanistan. We will stand up a new government under an Iraqi-drafted constitution. We will defeat that insurgency, and, in fact, it will be an enormous success story."

Hm. Let's think about that. We succeeded in Afghanistan, eh, where bin Laden "got away," the country is ruled by a mixture of warlords and resurgent Taliban, the growing of opium poppies is flourishing, and an American-sponsored figurehead with a cool hat sits in Kabul ruling little but the room around him? As for the Iraqi insurgency, there is no sign we will defeat it, there is no sign that the government we have pasted together will survive, and no, Iraq will likely not be "an enormous success story," any more than we were greeted with flowers as liberators, as Cheney claimed earlier.

Do these people live on the same planet we do? Or is it the drugs?


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