Friday, June 17, 2005

Norquist Watch

Presumably with a big ol' clothespin on his nose, US News and World Report's Dan Gilgoff sat down with Grover "barf bag" Norquist for a Q&A. Some snippets:

Q: While Americans for Tax Reform's "no new taxes" pledge has been signed by almost every Republican in Congress, state lawmakers have been slower to sign up.

A: We're pushing the Reaganization of the Republican Party from the federal level to the states. The consensus that the Republican Party is the party that will never raise your taxes exists now at the federal level–we have won that fight. I'd thought you could educate state people more quickly, based on the failure of Bush senior [who broke his pledge by signing a 1990 tax increase]. Evidently, state legislators consider Washington such a completely different world that few of them seemed to go, "I got the memo."

Q: So George H. W. Bush lost because he broke his ATR pledge?

A: Having won the war in Iraq, managed the collapse of the Soviet Union and its pullout of Eastern Europe–the successful foreign policy that any president would have given his eyeteeth to have managed–there was one hole in the bottom of his boat: He raised taxes. So he loses to some nobody out of Arkansas with a zipper problem.
Q: Some state lawmakers say avoiding tax increases under any circumstances, even as education and Medicaid costs skyrocket, is unrealistic.

A: Sometimes the left goes, "The tax movement is antigovernment." No, we are pro-reform; we are for governing. There are two things a politician can do: raise taxes to do everything we used to do, or he can govern. Governing begins when you say, "I am not raising taxes. That is not an option."

That's like saying during a flood "I'm not going to higher ground. That is not an option." Norquist's stupidity is profound - and his influence is destructive. Fortunately, his personal corruption will in the end turn out to be self-destructive, and the sooner the better.


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