Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Weirder and Weirder

The CoinGate thing gets stranger by the minute. The latest: someone "burgled" a former employee of Tom Noe's Denver home and made off with a considerable amount of property:

Chris Nelson, an investigator with the Colorado sheriff’s office, said several officers and lab technicians spent the entire night at Mr. Storeim’s home after the burglary was reported.

“There were immediately some red flags when you have a house of a suspect in a high profile case getting burglarized,” he said. “We are very aggressively pursuing this in light of the other ongoing investigations.”

On Monday night, Mr. Storeim and his wife told police they were returning from a two-day vacation when they first noticed that two of their cars — a Toyota Sequoia and Lexus G300 were missing.

Then, they noted items missing throughout their home, including weapons, 10 boxes of 12-gauge ammunition, four tubs of rock-climbing gear, several lithographs and paintings, stereos, and jewelry. Additionally, guitars — one autographed by B.B. King and another by Stevie Ray Vaughan — were reported stolen, police said.

Hm. Storeim has had stuff "stolen" before, including two rare gold coins valued at over $300,000 that were part of Tom Noe's coin investment fund.


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