Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You Knew it had to Happen

There's a weird inevitability to the fact that my two favorite Australians are friends:

CROWE: Look, you know, reality is, mate, I‘m not—I‘m not tough at all. I don‘t get scared very easily, but, you know, my wife terrifies me.

I think, in Australia, we have a mythology about the Outback, you know, which is really readily accepted, you know, but is not necessarily all truth. I mean, the reality is, the Australian Outback is a tough place.


MATTHEWS: “Crocodile Dundee.”

CROWE: Tough place.

MATTHEWS: The guy who goes in and gets a cold one, tells some jokes, rowdy jokes, gets in a fight.


CROWE: I‘m very good friends with Steve Irwin, and apart from the last bit, he says that, you know, Steve very much epitomizes that. And sometimes Australians are embarrassed about that, because he is so enthusiastic about it, his life.

He‘s—you know, and often people misunderstand what Steve does.

Steve is a conservationist.


CROWE: You know, he saves things. He doesn‘t kill things or hurt things, you know. He will move an animal to a more protected area. You know, he operates, you know, hundreds of acres of conservation land for all different types of creatures, from echidnas to koalas to platypus.

In fact, I‘m working on a project with him at the moment. I‘m on a river in Australia where we‘re trying to regrow the native plants right near the river bank, so the platypus will thrive. I mean, it‘s just he has a great care for that. And so do I. And I think that‘s all embodied in what it really means to be an Australian, because you can‘t live in a country that‘s so unique and have so many unique animals without really respecting that environment, you know?

Russell Crowe and Steve Irwin. Wouldn't you like to see that episode of The Crocodile Hunter?


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