Thursday, July 14, 2005

Blade Wins Suit

My old hometown paper, the Toledo Blade, has been a bright star in the otherwise bland world of Ohio newspapers. Last year it won a richly deserved Pulitzer for its series on Tiger Force operations in Vietnam. Now it's leading the way blasting "Coingate" open:

Ruling in a lawsuit filed by The Blade, the Ohio Supreme Court yesterday ordered the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to release all transaction records from the $50 million rare-coin investment that Tom Noe controlled.

In a 5-2 decision, the high court rejected the state’s argument that the records — which show the sellers, dates, and purchase prices of coins in the state’s inventory — are “trade secrets” exempt from the Ohio Public Records Act.

The documents should be released immediately for public inspection, wrote Democratic Justice Alice Robie Resnick of Ottawa Hills for the majority.

Justice Paul Pfeifer, a Republican, added in a concurring opinion: “From the outset, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s ‘trade secret’ argument seemed more a delaying tactic than a legitimate legal issue.”

This is going to be good, I suspect. Once again, if the Democrats don't take this gift and run with it, they deserve to lose.


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