Thursday, July 28, 2005

Congress to US Workers: Screw You

The latest in a long line of "free trade" agreements - which basically means that poor countries are "free" to take our jobs - was passed last night by the House after having earlier been passed by the Senate. The vote was agonizingly close, 217 to 215. 27 Republicans showed wisdom by voting against it, while 15 Democrats betrayed their constituencies and voted for it. Most Democrats stood firm, however:

“I don’t see any benefits for workers, for sugar people,” said Democratic Rep. Charlie Melancon, who said his family owed everything to 225 years of sugar production in his home state of Louisiana.

“We’ve given away textiles. We’ve given away steel. We’ve given away fruits and vegetables,” Melancon said. “Now let’s just go ahead and give away everything and be dependent on every other country for our food and our defense.”

The only advantage is, as ever, to the rich, who will always be more than happy to sell out their country and their fellow citizens to pad their own pockets.


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