Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Flip Flop!

Considering that President Caligula never appears before an unfriendly crowd, I guess it would do us no good to buy a bunch of flipflop sandals and do what the Repugs did to John Kerry. But Dubya certainly is a waffle when it comes to defending his beloved "Turdblossom."

Faced with growing questions about the role of his close adviser Karl Rove in the C.I.A. leak case, President Bush said on Monday that he would fire any member of his staff who "committed a crime."
The president's answer to a question at a news conference on Monday, however brief, articulated a standard for keeping or dismissing members of his staff that appeared to differ from some past statements made both by him and by the White House spokesman.

At one point last year, Mr. Bush said yes when asked whether anyone involved in leaking such information about a C.I.A. officer would be dismissed. Another time, in 2003, he said that anyone who had violated the law against such leaks would be "taken care of."

Turdblossom is certainly being "taken care of." Bush doesn't dare lose his brain, after all.

It's instructive to sit back and think how the Repugs would have responded had something like this happened in the Clinton administration. Considering they impeached Clinton because he lied about consensual sex, they probably would have burned the White House with him in it.


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