Monday, July 25, 2005

Jim Cameron Takes a Bath

...a turkish bath, that is, as during his current and exceptionally ambitious Titanic expedition, Cameron's bots reached the ne plus ultra of Titanic exploration - the mysterious Turkish Baths on F deck. Only one photograph exists of the baths, of a small corner of the installation, so as well as being buried deep within the bow section of the wreck the room was practically undocumented. It was also suspected that the room, with tile walls and linoleum floors would be well preserved, and so it proved.

The expedition continues, with Cameron hoping to get his bots down "Scotland Road," the main bow-to-stern passage used by the crew. Cameron claims that this will be his last Titanic expedition; we'll see if he can stay away!

The Discovery Channel has some coverage (I took their quiz and scored a perfect 10 - a scary level of Titanic geekdom), but expedition participant Parks Stephenson has been posting regularly on Encylopedia Titanica's message boards here. Also, the somewhat confusing documentary shown last night will be recut and reshown next Saturday at 9 pm, according to Parks.


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