Friday, July 01, 2005

Minnesota Learns to "Love" Repugs

Minnesota's Republican governor and Repug-majority legislature are teaching Minnesotans just what Repugs in power lead to:

Minnesota's government shut down Friday for the first time in state history after lawmakers failed to pass a temporary spending plan and left 9,000 employees jobless and highway rest stops unattended for the July Fourth weekend.

The shutdown came at midnight after lawmakers failed late Thursday to pass a temporary spending plan to keep the government up and running.

Repugs, of course, blame Democrats:

The governor said Democrats wanted a government shutdown to embarrass him in the run-up to his 2006 re-election campaign.

''The Democrats turned and left tonight when Minnesota needed them most,'' Pawlenty said at a late-evening news conference.

Dean Johnson, leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, said the sides had whittled the gap to less than $200 million in a two-year, $30 billion budget. But with the new fiscal year looming Friday, lawmakers remained deadlocked over issues including school funding and health care for the poor.

Ah, Repug favorites! School funding and health care for the poor. Perish the thought that the rich might be required to spend a tiny percentage of their often ill-gotten gain on helping the losers in our "winner take all" economy.

Like the Ohio coin scandal, this is a gift. If Democrats don't run with it, they deserve to fail.


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