Friday, July 22, 2005

Petro Runs for Governor

Attorney General Jim Petro whacked the legs out from under his fellow Republicans planning to run for Ohio's governorship next year by coming out and announcing that Tom Noe is, as we all knew already, a criminal:

The attorney general said the theft began on March 31, 1998, the day Mr. Noe received the first of two $25 million payments from the workers’ compensation bureau, and continued until late May — more than eight weeks after The Blade first reported on April 3 that there were problems with the state’s investment.

“On Day One, Tom Noe took $1.375 million and put it in his personal or his business account,” Mr. Petro said. Records show that Mr. Noe immediately began using the state’s money for his personal use, the attorney general said.

Petro was careful to avoid suggesting that Noe's enormous contributions to Republican politicians were made with stolen money, but I'm afraid that the evidence is going to be clear that Noe took taxpayer money and with it padded the pockets of George W. Bush and nearly every Republican politician of consequence in Ohio.


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