Thursday, July 21, 2005


The Ohio coin scandal keeps rolling like that quarter you dropped that's rapidly heading under the vending machine. The latest wackiness:

Millions of dollars in coins and cash exchanged hands among managers of Tom Noe’s $50 million rare-coin venture in the days leading up to his admission that up to $13 million was missing from the state-funded operation, documents released yesterday show.

Nearly 15,000 pages of coin-fund transaction records provide evidence that there were hundreds of trades among the people charged with managing the state’s rare-coin investment throughout its seven-year existence.

The documents also show Mr. Noe authorized millions of dollars in loans from the state’s Capital Coin funds — including $285,000 to himself — while using state money to foot the bill for legal work to fight public records requests to release coin-fund documents.

There's a lot more. Should be plenty of ammo to put a lot of people in jail...and, if Ohio Democrats play their cards right, enough ammo to kick Ohio Repugs back into the corner where they belong.


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