Saturday, July 09, 2005

Who "Souvenired" Laurel Clark's Jewelry?

Last week I mentioned that NASA does not appear to be coming entirely clean about the loss of Columbia. This week, it gets uglier:

Dr. Clark said he learned from a friend who was involved in the autopsy of his wife that a gold post earring was found on her ear, and as soon as he learned of it, he tried furiously to find out how to get it back, but was told by NASA officials it had been lost, he said. Then he heard they had found a ring on her finger - her left hand and forearm had been torn apart in the accident - but it was another item Dr. Clark tried to find and did not recover.

Jon Clark is writing a book. One suspects it's not going to be pro-NASA. This time NASA may not be able to paste a happy face on a disaster.


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