Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Work 'til You Die

Kevin Drum had a post yesterday about the differences between European and American work habits. Americans are stupidly willing to slave 50-52 weeks a year, 40 + hours a week for ingrates who fritter away or steal their pension money, while Europeans work closer to 48 weeks a year and 35-40 hours a week and have a wide array of benefits guaranteed by the state, not by Mr. Burns of The Simpsons. Read the post, and then check out the spirited comments, especially from the couple of wingnuts who showed up. There evidently are a lot of nitwits and cretins out there who fully believe that your vacation is stealing from the company. With the added demands on working ever more hours and the gradual disappearance of pension benefits (coupled with Repug attacks on Social Security), it's pretty clear that the right wing wants us back where they had us a hundred years ago - you work until you die, seven days a week, sixteen hours a day, while the rentier class lives in luxury above you.

Not a model for a democracy. Not very Christian, either.


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