Sunday, August 21, 2005

Crossing the Line

Now and then I fiddle with my blogroll, adding and removing. Now I'm taking off Democratic Veteran. Why? This remarkably stinking post:

Ratzi the Nazi and his alleged desertion. Amazing how he managed to avoid all those Flying Squads that rounded and summarily executed anybody deserting from anything in Nazi Germany, isn't it?

More Ratzi Piety hoping that everyone will look beyond the fact that he's every bit the Nazi he was the day he took his oath to Der Fuhrer as a young man. If he'd met John Paul II when they were both young men during the war, only 50% of them would have survived the meeting.

So Jo would have us believe that every German in the Wehrmacht was a Nazi. Every German boy in the Hitlerjugend was a Nazi. I suppose every girl in the BDM would then be a Nazi as well. And of course Ratzinger's desertion must be fake. Sure, Jo, there were indeed SS squads running around hanging deserters. They also didn't catch nearly all of the men who deserted. A response to a comment gave Jo the opportunity to go ever farther around the bend:

Yeah, Bean. The Hitler Youth were just a bunch of misunderstood choirboys. While it's true that membership was mandatory after 1938, it's also true that there was not a large history (that I have been able to find) of HY deserting. Ratzinger's politics still ally him philosophicaly with fascist elements in his church and he is not considered by even many Catholics to be "progressive" at all, especially at a time when the church is facing dwindling membership, trouble in recruiting priests and is embroiled in scandals which he still denies being the church's fault.

Of course Jo is a non-Christian who evidently believes that the cardinals should have elected a priestess of Astarte to the post. Ignorance and Catholic-bashing should have no place on the left. To disagree with Benedict is one thing. To suggest he lied about his military service and rant about him being a "fascist" and claim that he would have killed the future John Paul II had he met him during the war just reeks. Sorry.


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