Monday, August 01, 2005

Europe Tolerates Too Much

The Europeans pride themselves on being more tolerant and understanding than Americans, but in fact they are allowing poison to fester in their societies, the poison that has led to rampant Muslim-inspired anti-Semitism in France, has led to murderous transit bombings in the UK, and that glorious Muslim tradition, "honor killings," in Germany:

A Turkish author whose husband deprived her of food has condemned forced marriages as Germany debates whether to ban them.
Serap Cileli spoke out against the "crazy tolerance of society" in Germany, where 45 women have been stabbed, shot or drowned in so-called honour killings since 1996.

Cileli, who moved to Germany when she was eight, says journalists and politicians have turned a blind eye to the issue.

Her reprimand comes in the run-up to a government decision about criminalising forced marriages in Germany, after a recommendation from the upper house of parliament on July 8 that the practice be banned.

Governments can only do so much. Moderate Muslims must take the lead on these issues; reform must largely come from within.


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