Thursday, August 11, 2005

Iran Next?

A lot of people are upset that the US apparently has a plan for bombing Iran back into the Stone Age. Such a plan probably does exist; it hasn't been that long since the US maintained war plans in the event of conflict with Great Britain. Those plans have probably recently been updated. The fact is, the Iranians are not exactly covering themselves with glory right now, by restarting their nuclear ambitions and merrily shipping bombs to their pals in Iraq:

A senior British official disclosed yesterday details of the incident two weeks ago when a group crossing from Iran was intercepted near Maysan, which is in the British controlled sector of Iraq. Iraqi security forces opened fire and the smugglers fled back to Iran leaving their cache of timers, detonators and other bomb-making equipment.
Iran has a vested interest in maintaining a degree of instability in Iraq to ensure the US and Britain leave but it does not want anarchy threatening its own security. Events in Iraq are going in the direction Tehran would have wished with its Shia co-religionists dominant and an increased Islamisation in the British sector.

Iran can exert influence through the many prominent Iraqis who were exiled in Tehran and via the Badr brigades, the Iraqi Shia militia that was based in Iran.

The British claim the Badr brigades have been disbanded but although they have swapped their uniforms for Iraqi police or army gear many of the men retain their original allegiances.

I don't know that I'd be terrifically upset by a strong, harsh correction involving destruction of Iranian nuclear sites and military targets. It's really overdue. Other lefties need to think this through too. Iran is not our friend, and they are the major obstacle in pacifying Iraq. A nuclear Iran allied with a Shiite Iraq would be a big-league problem. Best maybe to nip this in the bud. We shall see.


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