Saturday, August 13, 2005

Recommended Read

storiesinamerica over at Daily Kos has a great interview from a woman who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's very, very much worth reading. A little taste of what Jerrie Morales told storiesinamerica:

I homeschooled my kids to teach them about government and the Founding Fathers and the tribes. I want them to see the truth and think outside the box. Don't ever look at anything as black and white because it never is. My kids were coming home from school saying, 'I'm a Democrat,' 'I'm a Republican,' 'I'm a liberal.' I said, 'You can't be a Republican or a Democrat. You have to be an American.' Don't say you're a Republican until you can find ten things wrong with your party and ten things wrong with Democrats. The Republicans here were trying to pull the churches apart because a lot of Christians are Democrats.

Worth your time.


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