Thursday, August 11, 2005

Shutting Down NASA?

A lot of NASA employees have suspected from Day One that the Chimp's "Vision for Space Exploration" is a code word for "Shut NASA Down." It was suspected that with the 2010 retirement of the shuttle orbiters and the proposed 2015 introduction of the "Crew Exploration Vehicle", the interval and probable delays in the CEV would enable the space program to be pretty neatly shut down. "Hey, we don't have a shuttle and the CEV is late and we're not allowed anymore to buy flights from the Russians...." The arrival of Dr. Michael Griffin to replace the egregious bean counter Sean O'Keefe was taken by many as a hopeful sign, but it appears that he's just another Bushite shill getting ready to padlock the doors at the Cape and Houston:

It seems to me that "Hurricane Griffin" has not just affected the bioastronautics & microgravity community.

Let's see: Kepler- cut back/ delayed. Discovery 11- acquisition cancelled. Discovery 12- indefinite hold on the AO. MTO- pushed back. Juno- slow start. MSL- possibly delayed until '11. James Webb- slowed down. All this; and there's more to come, no doubt.

One begins to wonder if Griffin isn't just a friendly face brought in to shut NASA down.

Lots of comments over at NASA Watch. A lot of scientists are worried that science is about to vanish at NASA. This cannot be allowed, although it fits in perfectly with the "Intelligent Design/Flat Earth" brigade currently in charge in Washington....


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