Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Iraqis Get Well-Deserved Kick in Ass

The British Army has been less and less impressed by the goings-on in Basra, where "liberation" has led to a takeover by various sorts of lunatic extremists. It finally boiled over yesterday into a TV-movie moment in which two British special forces types, arrested and apparently beaten by the local crazies, were freed when armored vehicles smashed down the jail they were held in:

British troops used tanks last night to break down the walls of a prison in the southern Iraqi city of Basra and free two undercover British soldiers who were seized earlier in the day by local police.

An official from the Iraqi interior ministry said half a dozen tanks had broken down the walls of the jail and troops had then stormed it to free the two British soldiers. The governor of Basra last night condemned the "barbaric aggression" of British forces in storming the jail.

Gee, too bad.


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