Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It's a Croissant!

The usual right wing dingbats got all titterpated when they saw that the proposed Flight 93 memorial was crescent shaped. Well, a lot of things are crescent-shaped. "Freedom rolls," for one thing (croissants - sorry, couldn't resist). The smoking remains of New Orleans, the Crescent City. That little ventilation slit on the House Out Back. Islam also uses the symbol of a crescent moon, so obviously THAT crescent was more important than any other possible crescent and had to be a liberal PLOT of some kind. Obvious, right?

Well, it turns out that the design was liked by those traitorous loons, the families of the Flight 93 heroes who died in the process of ripping four Muslim lunatics into tiny pieces:

Esther Heymann, whose stepdaughter, Honor Elizabeth Wainio, was killed on Flight 93, said most family members find the design’s recent criticism “insulting,” considering the designs had been on public display for months before “Crescent of Embrace” was selected.

“I’m greatly saddened by it,” Heymann said from her home in Baltimore. “I think there is an overall consensus that the families feel we have been very open and inviting through all of this, long before it reached this point.

“We’re certainly not trying to pay tribute to the terrorists. I find that insulting,” added Heymann, pointing out that red maples are indigenous to Somerset County.

Jack Grandcolas of San Rafael, Calif., whose wife, Lauren, died on Flight 93, agreed.

“I certainly wouldn’t expect the memorial to be a tribute to the hijackers,” he said. “That goes without saying.”

And of course from the right side of the aisle we get this kind of nuttiness:

The Rev. Ron McRae, self-proclaimed bishop of Bible Anabaptist Church near Jerome, brought the controversy to the forefront a day after the design was unveiled last week in Washington.

McRae said Street Preachers Fellowship, based in Lancaster, is preparing to file for an injunction to stop the design.

“I’m not the only one in America that sees that,” he said. “Americans are fed up with terrorism, and we’re not stupid. We’re not all politically correct in trying to appease our enemies.”

What crap. (via)


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