Friday, September 09, 2005

Norquist Watch

At last, a comment from Grover on the hurricane disaster, and of course hell no, it's not Grover's problem:

Grover Norquist, one of Washington's most important conservative activists and a close Rove ally, blamed the chaos on "looting in a Democratic city run by a Democratic mayor and a Democratic governor."

Of course!

Others see Grover's plan hard at work:

The government’s “strange paralysis”, as Newsweek put it, is, in fact the Grover Norquist-Karl Rove plan at work: weaken and indeed dismantle what they see as the FDR legacy. The federal government’s continued refusal to accept responsibility, the emphasis on refusing federal help for “state and local” problems are just part of the overall strategy.

Plenty of bloggers, editorial pages, television anchor people and even legislators are saying that the federal agencies and administrators--from Michael Brown at FEMA to George Bush--are inexcusably and inexplicably unable to do anything right. These people are NOT stupid, they are NOT inept; they simply have priorities.

I don't know if you noticed, but “certain assets” of the Gulf Coast were IMMEDIATELY swept down upon and rescued and secured by Homeland Security and the FBI. The feds excel at acting quickly and decisively when it concerns things of importance to the administration. Also, I do hope you noticed that the day after the hurricane, shares in Halliburton reached eight-year record highs. The stock market is on the upswing. The oil companies are doing very well.
No doubt Norquist, Rove, the vacationing Dick Cheney, the “always on vacation” lackey Bush and other “good government is no government” ideologues have been patting themselves on the back. Now that agencies in our government are filled with such like-minded guys as Chertoff (who said, in essence, that, hey, these people were told to evacuate; if thousands of disabled, elderly, poor people die or get stuck, that's their fault; he also reportedly excoriated the media for making more out of problems at the Superdome than were warranted), we can expect lots more attitude and action—or lack of it—like that.

That's precisely the mindset Rove, Norquist and their minions and adherents promote. Our government agencies are now full of managers and middle managers appointed by the Bush administration who believe that if you can't pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, that's your problem (tough luck if you don't have any bootstraps to pull up). Let the churches and private sector rescue the elderly, poor, and disabled, and if they can't, well, that's just too bad.

The Bush administration, Rove, and Norquist have nothing but contempt for fellow human beings who believe that government should be a force for doing good. Government is a force for promoting the interests of U.S. business, according to them. Teddy Roosevelt once warned that when the government becomes entwined with business interests, democracy is threatened. Even during Roosevelt’s tenure, government was all too active in shoring up U.S. business interests. Today it approaches Mussolini’s own definition of fascism: “another term for corporatism”.

Indeed it does. Once, we fought fascism. Now....


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