Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Brits Looking Forward to the End

Needless to say, the British must be looking forward more than most to the fall of the Bushies, since Dubya's bizarre palship with the peculiar Tony Blair has dragged British forces into the street without joy that is Iraq. One such is Will Hutton, who writes in The Observer today:

American conservatism that has shaped American and British politics for 20 years has been holed below the waterline. It will take a lot more to sink it, but DeLay's indictment is symptomatic of a conservative over-reach and endemic corruption that will trigger, at the very least, a retreat and maybe even more. One-Nation Tories and honest-to-God Labour politicians can take some succour; the right-wing wind that has blown across the Atlantic for nearly a generation is about to ease. Hypocrisies have been exposed. The discourse in British politics is set to change.

It's a good piece. Check it out.


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