Friday, October 07, 2005

Drowning in incompetence

One thing has been a hallmark of the Bush years: we've been drowning in incompetence led by a not over-bright president many of whose supporters seem to believe that it's cool that he's just as dumb as they are. Here's one of them:

This idea that has developed as of late that Supreme Court Justices are or should be "super human smart guys" is just crap and frankly I think its dangerous for the Republic. I think that fundamentally, the nomination of Mrs. Miers is an antidote for that poisonous idea. We've had our quota on the Supreme Court for women and minorities, now we have a slot for the "average American". Yes, she is a lawyer, but she's the least lawyer to be on the court in quiet some time and frankly I find that really refreshing and not a handicap at all. Look, Justice Breyers is at this very time in history out selling a book that purports to convince us of the idea that since the founders of the Constitution couldn't see into the future and predict the rise of "internet based citizen media" and "tee-vee" that their ideas of what is and is not "freedom of the press" are simply null and void and don't deserve consideration. In my opinion, Justice Breyers is a dangerous man, not be cause he's unqualified, but because despite of all his legal background, he doesn't have the common sense that God gives dogs to figure out how dangerous that idea is, and yet, he manages to have a seat on the top court of the land.

Uh, whatever. Frankly, I want to be led by people who are a lot smarter and better educated than I am, not by some dumbass who got gentleman's Cs probably only because he was the son of a wealthy alumnus. I don't want the busboy at the corner deli on the Supreme Court, I want another Robert Jackson. And I want someone with the sense to realize that the Constitution must adapt to the times, not the times to the Constitution. Shall we bring back slavery since it's enshrined in the Constitution? After all, those founding fathers were geniuses!

The fact that Republicans fall for this kind of crap is just another sign of the decadence of their party. We run Rhodes Scholars; they run well-connected dummies. We handle disasters, they send in Michael "Heckuva job!" Brown. And on and on. (via)


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