Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Norquist Watch

Grover goes to Alaska, and Larry Persily of the Anchorage Daily News is unimpressed:

Norquist was explaining to his Commonwealth North audience how important it is for Republicans to stick to the no-tax pledge. He was in town, making the rounds, shaking hands and spreading the gospel that taxes are bad, government spending is the problem, and the nation would be much better off with massive overhauls of Social Security, Medicare and education funding. Taxes are nothing more than "mugging" a business and stealing its money, he said with a serious smile.

He told the small audience that consistency is everything for politics, just as in business. People like to know a Coke is going to be the same quality the world over. It makes them feel comfortable about picking up a bottle off the shelf, no matter where they are. And they should feel just as comfortable voting for a Republican, wherever they are.

But what if a rat's head gets into a bottle of Coke? He didn't say how or why that might happen, but that's not the point. What if it happened? People would never be able to trust Coke again. The company would lose business. Its supporters would defect. It would be bad.

It's the same for Republicans, he explained. Republicans anywhere in the nation who vote to raise taxes are like that rat's head in the Coke bottle; they will drive voters away from the party. They will ruin it for all the other tax-fearing Republicans trying to build a crushingly dominant national party.

I don't know what's more offensive: Insisting that everyone who wants to call themselves a Republican must treat taxes as a plague upon the Earth, or that anyone who makes his or her own decision is nothing more than a rat's head.

What does Grover know about rat heads, what with him being the supreme example of a horse's ass?


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