Friday, October 21, 2005

Screw the Workers

George Will tells us that American workers are just going to have to settle for being poor again, a hundred years after Henry Ford realized he could sell more cars by lifting his employees up with a decent living wage. Not anymore. Another company joins the stampede to screw their employees:

In a sweeping overhaul to combat declining profits, Dana Corp. yesterday announced it would sell three business units, close factories, make employees pay more for health insurance, freeze wages, and cut benefits.

The moves, hailed by shareholders, means Toledo's largest corporation will pare 700 of its 1,950 area jobs, affecting virtually every operation it has in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

I know it's not popular to say this, but stockholders are the biggest parasites in the world. Who deserves the wealth of a company, a bunch of rich layabouts who buy stock, or the people who work and sweat to create that wealth? To me, the only truly valuable stockholders are the venture capitalists. They actually create jobs; the rest merely are vampires.

And the lefty blogs, I notice, have little to say about this, proving that what passes for the Democratic intelligentsia has completely lost touch with the party base. For example, a few days ago a diarist at Kos implied that illegal immigration is bad. This person got swamped by a mob of dumbass lefties claiming that he/she was OBVIOUSLY a Republican. Illegal immigration is one of the prime causes driving down American wages and benefits, and I'll repeat what I've said before, that illegal immigrants do NOT take jobs "Americans won't do." In Columbus they take jobs in the construction industry, displacing well-paid American carpenters who once could support their families and now are looking for work. Jesus, what crap. What we need are two things: a stop to illegal immigration and the return of tariffs. Free trade is a chimera, a particularly ugly one if you're working class. It's time we got off our asses and realized that.


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