Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Waiting for Fitzkrieg to Break Out

I'm on vacation this week, but have no doubt I'm waiting for Patrick Fitzgerald to reveal indictments as much as the rest of you. Hopefully it will become clear to all that the US is run by a cabal of power-greedy protofascists who ought to be put up against a wall, but as usual these bastards have defenders including, weirdly, Nicholas Kristof, who ought to know better but evidently checked his brain at the door. As David at Blue Mass. Group put it aptly: Nicholas Kristof, the usually-sensible NY Times op-ed writer, has lowered himself to the embarrassing level of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.) in launching a preemptive strike against Novak-Plame-Rove-Libby-gate special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Hutchison, as you'll recall, disgraced herself on the Sunday talk shows by trivializing the possibility of perjury or obstruction of justice indictments, on the ground that those crimes really aren't so bad after all (for a real good laugh, check out Hutchison's comments when Bill Clinton was the one facing perjury charges).

So now comes (sub. req'd, sorry) Kristof, casting aspersions in Fitzgerald's direction without any basis for doing so.

Indeed, to see Kristof throwing in his lot with people like the cretinous Judy Miller and the bunch of criminals running things is just pathetic. David suggests it's because Kristof was tangentially involved; I think it's part of this dumbass shoot-yourself-in-the-foot liberal "fairness" crap. Whichever, it's just foul to see Kristof suggesting that the Repugs outing a CIA agent for revenge is the same as Bill Clinton lying about a blow job, something all men do or would do if they had the chance.

Meanwhile, Rosa Parks has passed. She is the sort of person we were privileged to share the planet with. Too bad people have forgotten how to quietly yet firmly speak up when injustice invades their lives.

And cripes, how 'bout them White Sox? Not looking very good for the halfAstros at the moment...


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