Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dimbulb Thursday

It's Dimbulb Thursday! Read and congratulate yourself for being more intelligent than some of your fellow humans. Seems as if a lot of wacky things are afoot in the Commonwealth nations this week.

Deadly Dog:

SHE may not look it, but a tiny fox terrier called Mitzi is one of southeast Queensland's most dangerous dogs.

That is according to Logan City Council, which yesterday brushed aside pleas for leniency from Mitzi's keepers to maintain her dangerous status.

Mitzi's dark reputation stems from an incident in March when she and an accomplice known as Bundy the scottish terrier dug their way out of a Waterford West back yard.

A council report said they barked at and tried to bite a 55-year-old woman. The startled woman fell over backwards and broke her wrist, but was not bitten.

A week later Mitzi and Bundy were alleged to have unlawfully gained entry to a neighbour's back yard and murdered two chickens, injuring another. The owner of the chickens said it was not the first time feathers had flown courtesy of Mitzi and Bundy, but other incidents were not reported.

Also, council officers claimed a witness stated that "both dogs responsible were regularly out of their enclosure, wandering unleashed on the roadway".

As the council net closed in on the alleged offenders, tiny Bundy, which like Mitzy is less than 30cm tall, was spirited off to a safe house and remains on the lam.

Check out the picture of tiny Mitzi. Sheesh.

Briton finds tasty treat:

STUNNED Jeanette Reinders bought a jar of gherkins from Asda — and found a nine-inch RAT inside.

She was about to use the 49p veg for a salad when she spotted the rodent and screamed in horror.
The supermarket in Wolverhampton centre apologised to Jeanette and partner John Small, 26.

They have been offered £100 plus a Christmas trolley dash.

Not sure what a "Christmas trolley dash" is; perhaps a British reader can enlighten the rest of us.

Fan goes nuts - or nutless in this case - for his team:

A RUGBY fan who cut out his testicles with wire cutters to mark a Wales victory is at a loss to explain why he did it.

Geoffrey Huish, 31, performed the impromptu self-surgery in February when his beloved Wales beat world champion England.

After performing the deed, Mr Huish put his severed anatomy in a bag and took them to his local social club to show fellow fans.

He collapsed with blood loss and was rushed to hospital but surgeons could not reattach his missing parts.

He was put in a psychiatric ward but has no history of mental illness and was at a loss to explain why he did it.

"I'd told my pal Gethin Probert before the game that Wales didn't stand a chance," Mr Huish said.

"It wasn't a bet but I said I'd cut my balls off if we won."

Thank God his genes will not be passed on.


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