Saturday, November 05, 2005

Family Values Repugs Night Out

Do as I say, not as I do:

The investigation into a late-night barroom brawl led police to three officials of the Butler County Republican Party after one of them left his credit card behind, police say.

A complaint filed with the Butler County Sheriff's Department said that central committee Chairman Quentin Nichols, of West Chester; Tim Dearwester of Hamilton, a member of the central committee; and Sean Maloney of Liberty Township, a member of the executive committee, allegedly assaulted the bartender at Putter's Tavern & Grill shortly after midnight Oct. 26.

Adam William told deputies he approached the trio about a plastic advertising sign being damaged in the men's room. He asked them to leave after one of the men threatened him with a pool stick and another made sexual remarks about the bar's owner, the police report said.

The men then jumped on William and punched and hit him with a chair before the fight moved outside at the Cincinnati-Dayton Road establishment, resulting in a bench being damaged, William told police.

Nichols, Dearwester and Maloney left in a silver or gold Hummer before deputies arrived. No charges have been filed while the brawl remains under investigation. William sustained minor injuries. Damage was estimated at $500 for the sign and the bench.

Nichols left his credit card behind and William turned it over to sheriff's deputies.

Nichols, 43, denied that the altercation happened the way William described to police. But he wouldn't discuss the details.

"It's politics. Some folks out there seem to twist the story on you," Nichols said. "It is a regrettable incident and at the time, I was genuinely concerned for my own safety as well as my companions' safety."

"Politics," huh? (via)


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