Friday, November 18, 2005

Illinois Nazis

Like the Blues Brothers, I hate Illinois Nazis. And it turns out that the real ones are just as dumb and repulsive as the cinematic ones:

The second of two self-avowed Nazis was sentenced Wednesday in Lake County Circuit Court to prison for a hate crime committed against two lesbians at Illinois Beach State Park.

Judge Fred Foreman sentenced Patrick L. Langballe, 29, of Lake Villa, to two-and-a-half years in prison.

The recommended sentence had been negotiated by prosecutor Erik Kalata and defense attorney Jennifer Snyder.

Hate crime is a Class Three felony and a conviction carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison, but is also probationable.

Aaron C. Rush, 20, of Green Bay, Wis., had previously been sentenced to three years in prison. Rush also owes the State of Wisconsin 18 months in prison for a separate hate crime conviction.

The two men and women had met at a Milwaukee bus station June 16 and decided to go camping at the park with some other people.

When Rush made a sexual advance toward one of the women, she told him that they were in a lesbian relationship and did not like men in a romantic way, according to sheriff's reports.

Langballe and Rush told the women they were skinheads of the Nazi Nation and did not like homosexuals, authorities said. The men then took the women's clothing from a car and burned it while the women fled.

When the women came back later to return some items of Langballe and Rush, an altercation ensued. One woman sustained minor injuries to her face, arms and legs, according to reports, and Rush pulled out a knife and threatened to kill them.

As the women fled again, the men ripped a backpack away from one of the women.

The two men were arrested in the Gurnee area and "white supremacy" paraphernalia was found in their belongings.



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